Sugarpaste and Icing – SFP and rollout

With Sugarpaste and Icing we stock the full ranges of colours in M&B and Renshaw Regalice professional rollout sugarpaste. M&B packs come in 500g sizes and Regalice in 250g sizes, and white fondant in 500g, 1kg and 5kg sizes.

We also have 1kg and 2.5kg white PME Covapaste packs. These fondants are the perfect background for printed edible sugarsheets.

Sugarpaste and Icing

  • M & B Sugar Paste colours (500g)
  • Renshaw Regalice Paste colours (250g)
  • Bulk white M & B and Renshaw (2.5kg & 5kg)
  • PME Covapaste (1kg & 2.5kg)

Specialist Icings

  • Sugar Florist Paste – Squires and Renshaw
  • Renshaw Extra – white
  • Metallic Modelling Paste – gold and silver
  • Flexi Ice – white and gold


Sugarpaste and Icing
Renshaw Multipack

We are now stocking the new Regalice mini multipacks

and are increasing our range of the new PME 250g colours.