About Hopscotch

Alice and MichaelHopscotch was founded in 2009 by Alice and Michael and has grown to become something of a Barnet and North London institution with an ever expanding reputation.

We are one of the few remaining independent sweet shops in London, selling British confectionery alongside American candy and continental and Nordic liquorice. We were once described in The Telegraph as one of the finest
three London sweet shops “vying for the title of
London’s best emporium”!

We are a fully independent family business, who believe that value and quality count. We strive to provide a warm, friendly and knowledgeable service for our visitors.

We love our sweets and what they mean to our customers and we enjoy sharing the creative journies of our cake makers.

Hopscotch is an inclusive shop, seeking to meet cultural needs with, for example, Halal, Sugar Free, vegetarian and gelatine free lines.

Hopscotch ® is a registered trade mark of Hopscotch Trading Ltd